About Us

Cast Aluminium Industries was established in year 1990 to cater the growing demand of architectural products ( Gates, balcony, railing etc.) in the country.

Year 1995:

Installed and fixed a rotary furnace and casting machine to make quality Aluminium alloy for inhouse use

and to support the local market.

Year 2000:

Successfully installed and commissioned top of the line technology from USA and UK ( Tilting Rotary Furnace with oxy-fuel burner) with a capacity of 6000 MT / Year by securing finance from EIB.

Year 2001:

First expansion with another TRF(Tilting Rotary Furnace) from UK with own finance. Achieved a combined capacity of 9000 MT / Year.

Year 2002:

Started selling services to other GCC countries and local U.A.E secondary smelters.

Year 2003:

Installed VPSA to generate O2 gas for own consumption

Year 2004:

Initiated waste minimization programme. Successfully reduced flux usage from 28% to 13%  and still improving.

Invested in mechanical segregation process Alchemizer for enriching Aluminium dross which resulted in further reduction of flux to 9%. Working with different companies to make Al2O3 rich dust generated from the Alchemizer, with promising feed back.

Year 2007:

Upgraded TRF-1((Tilting Rotary Furnace) from 3MT to 6MT capacity.The capacity stands at 18000 MT / Year.

Year 2010:

Installation of Salt Cake Crushing Plant on Site.

Year 2012:

Installation & Commissioning  of Third TRF (Tilting Rotary Furnace) in August.The capacity stands at 32000 MT / Year.

Year 2014:

Upgraded TRF-2 (Tilting Rotary Furnace) from 5 MT to 8 MT capacity.The Current Capacity Stands at 40,000 MT / Year.

Year 2015:

Installation & Commissioning of Fourth  TRF (Tilting Rotary Furnace).