Integrated Management System Policy

CAI is committed to providing its customers with quality secondary smelting services. Our vision is to be the preferred advanced smelting partners of primary smelters and industrial / commercial customers. Our policy is to integrate quality, health, safety and environmental characteristics into the scope of our business, viewing them as opportunities for improvement.

Cast Aluminium Industries will develop a culture of continual improvement in the management of our operations, quality, health, safety and the environment. We will create substantial added value for customers through continual ecological improvement of our services. We will avoid the use of harmful materials, make recycling an integral factor of our process and consider our raw materials with respect to their entire life cycle, including end-of-life disposal. We will make a commitment to prevent the injury and ill health of people working for or on behalf of CAI. We will maintain a commitment to the prevention of pollution. We will endeavor to keep waste to a minimum and prevent or minimize environmentally harmful emissions.

The management team will regularly review progress with respect to objectives and targets for quality health, safety and the environment. We will comply with relevant quality, health safety and environmental legislation, regulations, standards (ISO9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) and codes. This includes a commitment to comply with other requirements to which the organization subscribes, which relates to its environmental aspects as well as OH&S hazards. We will anticipate future changes, assess risks and take measures to prevent or minimize risks. We will provide adequate financial and physical resources to achieve our objectives; compliance with this policy will be demonstrated with regular audits and the monitoring of our performance.

All managers, team leaders, and supervisors will ensure adherence to these quality, environmental, health and safety standards in their area of responsibility and communicate this obligation to all people working for or on behalf of CAI who in turn will have a duty to communicate health and safety risks back to their respective managers, team leader and supervisors. We aim to ensure that employees are capable of performing their roles and are adequately trained. We also aim to ensure the high quality of our products and services through the continual development of our people.

We will work in partnership with our suppliers in their undertaking to meet our quality standards and will favor suppliers who act accordingly with regards to our environmental principles, within a competitive framework.

The management team will review this policy and its implementations annually.

This IMS Policy is communicated to all employees and made available to the public upon request. The involvement of the CAI workforce and external interested and affected parties in its IMS Policy is encouraged through effective communication procedures. The policy is explained and discussed at the general orientation training given to all new employees and has been reviewed with all current employees. All employees are expected to know what the IMS Policy means to them as it affects their job or position within the company. The policy is prominently posted in each CAI facility.